Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Well...this morning I had a meeting with a lady from Serving in Missions.

It went well, and she said that they would be happy to have me. I have heard that from the other organization (Foundation for Cross Cultural Education) as well.

I am glad, but I have never felt at peace with either of those organizations. They would take me to either Malawi, Kenya, Zambia or South Africa. I have nothing against those countries...it just hasn't felt right. I pray about it and God does not tell me to go to one of those places...it's just so unclear.

However, my last option is Cameroon. Where I would be working with HIV/AIDS children, while helping direct a childrens choir.

Working with Children...check.
Working with a ministry that I care about...check.
Connection to my church...check.

Perhaps....this is where I am meant to go....