Saturday, January 22, 2011

It was so nice....

Recently I have rediscovered prayer, which I am once again realizing is such a powerful thing. Anyways, last night I was lying in bed praying, I asked God one point, to help me to do His will, to which he replied "You are."

Wow, that was amazing to hear.

Especially since when I was teenager I would always ask God what his will for me was, and when I would get a chance to do it, and he would always tell me that he would tell me when I was ready and to just wait. Guess that time has come. :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Can I just let out a big WOOHOO!!!

Today I was having a considerably sullen day, things were not going well - I had been praying for a better day all day. So when I went to lunch I thought to myself "Well, wouldn't it be great if I got an e-mail from Cal today?"

Cal is the man that needed to approve me to come work! I didn't really expect it to arrive on a Saturday, but when I loaded me e-mail (yay for iPhones!) there it was! I have been accepted to go!!! YES!!!!

Tentative dates ate May 4th - June 4th. :)