Wednesday, February 16, 2011


In the business of life I have completely forgotten to update all my wonderful readers (mainly Jesus...only Jesus at this point.) about how my trip plans have been going! Well, a bunch of things have been moving along nicely.

First off, i have my host confirmed. I will be living with Elsie, she is the sister of one of my proffessors at RSA, and also a missionary that my church has supported for years. Amazing how God works isn't it?

Also, I have booked my flights. I depart on May 4th, and return June 3rd. One of my families main concerns with me going was my traveling alone. I have only traveled a little bit before, and never by myself. It's always been in big groups, as a result they feared for me. God has been at work there! It just so happens that there is a lady named Helga who is also traveling to Cameroon the same time I am. I have been able to arrange it so that my flights line up with hers. We will be meeting up in Toronto, as we live in different provinces. God is good!

Lastly, this last Monday I got all my vaccinations done. I had to get five in total, and my arms were sore the next day as a result. However they are much better now, and I can move and lift things to my hearts content. Which is good because we have a big sale at work in the next few days and my machoness will be a requirement.

Well, that's my update for now! I will try to keep you all posted.