Thursday, May 19, 2011


Today was an interesting day. This morning I got to sleep in, which was nice as I have been feeling extremely tired. I arrived at work late, but nobody cared which is always nice. Though Vincent did give me a bit of a hard time about it - i know he was only joking. So this post is about food. First off food! The Cameroonians have some excellent dishes, all of which are gluten free. Foods here are often corn based, so its excellent for me. Ms. E says this is a good country for me to be in, in comparison to countries like ukraine, where I have wanted to go. It's true.

The first food I tried is called Ndole, its a sauce type thing made of bitterleaves, and full of other spices, including Peppe (I have no idea how that is spelled.) The picture of the Ndole is on my other memory card so unfortunately I cannot post it. Ndole is served with a bunch of things, such as plantaines and cocoa yam. I prefer it with the cocoa yam.

The second thing I had was pap - which is like a paste made out of corn. People here use it for baby food but adults eat it to. It's actually not so bad with sugar.

Next up is ground nut stew! It is a soup like thing, made out of peanuts, served over rice. This has been my favorite dish so far. (It is storming so I am not going to try uploading the pictures I have, I will update the blog later.)