Wednesday, May 18, 2011

...I dont have a title...

People warned me it would happen, and yesterday it finally did. As I was walking through the market with Ms. E, a man called out to me "I would like to marry you."

"No thank you!" Was my reply as I smiled back at him. I love that people here find no shame in asking a complete stranger to marry them.

Today was a good day. I went to the office in the morning and shared some music with my collegue, Vincent. We didn't get any work done in the morning. It was a good time though.

In the afternoon we had a workshop with the kids, but only a few of them showed up so we were very limited on what we were able to do. So we talked about what we did in the workshop on Saturday, reviewed our nine times tables, learned a new song and then played a game. The game was the one where everyone closes their eyes and grabs random hands, once everyone has two hands they have t  try and untagle themselves without letting go. It's a good teamwork game and we will do it again on saturday.

This Friday is a holiday, and florentine wants to take me to commercial ave, to see the celebrations. However Ms. E is planning to go out of town that day, and I have been invited to go along. I have not decided what I will do yet.

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